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Published on 26 May (10 days ago) by Prasad Rao
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Published on 26 May (10 days ago) by Prasad Rao
How can i use the 'Configuration' parameter of the CKEditor webblock, i want to use a more simplefied toolbar. more like the Toolbar of this forum:

the default of CKEditor is now:

Specify your configuration parameters in the Config parameter.
See attached config.txt for an example.

Get more information from the CKEditor documentation.

I have tried it, but when i copy the content of the config.txt into the config parameter, the editor isn't working anymore. 
Make sure all the quotes are intact and/or try to scale down the parameters to only what you need (e.g. toobar). Upload an example if you are still having problems.
Here are the parameters we are using for simplified editor:

        ['Cut','Copy','Paste','PasteText','PasteFromWord','-', 'SpellChecker', 'Scayt'],
        ['Image', 'Table','HorizontalRule','CreateDiv'],
        ['Maximize', 'ShowBlocks'],
Thanks Rebecca, that did work!

(I removed Font and FontSize)

How can I add LineHeight to the toolbar?

I want the CKEditor to adjust the typing when entering a new line
just like this.

not like this.

it goes right here skipping one line.

Why in config.txt is the value for scayt_autoStartup inside ' '?  Isn't true a boolean value?

Should it be this instead? 

scayt_autoStartup: true,

 ( ' ' omitted).


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