GetCookie is always blank

GetCookie is always blank

I'm using version 9 of ServiceStudio and seem to have an issue with GetCookie.  In my preparation, I'm either doing a SetCookie or a GetCookie; not both in the same event.  The SetCookie works (path and domain are blank) and I was able to find it using a Cookies extension in Chrome.  But if I do the GetCookie with the CookieName, the value always comes back blank even though I see a value in Chrome.  The expiration date for the cookie is Dec 12 2014 (1 month from today).  

Thanks for any help.

Update: I was able to create a simple application and the get/set cookie works great.  Is there something in an application (a setting) that might mess this up?
So it seems that if I add "/" for the CookiePath in SetCookie, and "" for the domain, the GetCookie works.  What I liked about leaving the CookiePath blank was that the cookie seemed to only be for that application; and not for the domain.   


2 years after, I'm having the same problem that David had.

GetCookie was always returning an empty value but if I put the CookiePath as "/" instead of empty (that by default puts the Application Path) the GetCookie works fine.

Can anyone explain this behaviour?