Can I have my own layout for my app


I have a beatifull html template which I want to use for my new app,
Is there some sort of manual how I can use it instead of the standard themes ?


You'd have to create the layouts yourself in a theme. The F1 help has the information on working with Themes and Layouts to create the templates.



I will read it and hope I can make something like this layout : and then the invoice page.

This link do not work.

Page Not Found

Is this possible or not ?
It's perfectly possible. To use it you should
  • create a new theme in your application without a base theme
  • use your themeforest theme's CSS in the application theme you created
  • create containers with the appropriate CSS classes that the theme requires (use the Style property for that)

Oke, last question which pops into my mind.

How can I add multiple custom fonts and multiply css files to my project.


Roelof -

You can include other fonts or CSS files from the main theme CSS using the URL syntax for them... and then put them under "Resources" in your eSpace. There should be a link or documentation out there explaining how to figure out what URL to use based on the eSpace name and the target directory of the resource.

I suggest that you use a tool like TypeKit for the fonts, it is much easier and flexible!