Best approach for moving to the cloud

Hi everyone,

Our company is currently on the move to the cloud and with it, Outsystems platform comes into a big "?".
Our environment is already with its dev and qa sucessfully migrated, but when coming to the production, we are not so sure on how to do it, the best way.

Did any of you guys already passed by this, and would like to share your experiences, and recomendations on how to successfully move to the cloud?

There are to put to the cloud:

- Lifetime
- Servers 
- Database

Who should go first, assuming that moving either the servers or database will generate latency.

Any thoughts here are welcome.


Nuno Silva

Question: OutSystem's cloud offering, or "the cloud" meaning AWS, Rackspace, etc. where you control the servers?

Either way... you basically just take your app offline, back up your DB, restore it in the new environment... build new app servers and point them to the new DB server... done. :)

The speed to do this is the speed to backup your app, transfer it to the new environment, and restore it.