Question regarding restoring production database into Dev environment

Question regarding restoring production database into Dev environment


Can I directly backup and restore my Standard environment Outsystems Production Database into the development one?

I'm affraid that, when restoring, and upgrading the database on development, there might be any connections pointing to the production database, and create some sort of corruption...

Theorectically, since it is a standard environment, and it does not use external databases, there would be no problem, but... Let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Nuno Silva
Yes, there's a technical note in downloads explaining exactly how to do this:

I have put an Idea on the forum relating to this issue.... Truly unacceptable that a platform this large has such a complex procedure for cloning a database.

Braxton -

I do like the idea of a Lifetime-based 1 click clone. It's a good idea. It would be especially nice if you could mark certain Attributes as "do not clone" because they contain private data that should not go to TEST/DEV environments.

The real reason why this is needed is NOT complexity (the current process really isn't that complex unless you are used to PHP projects where it's "copy and go"), but the OutSystems hosted environments. This is a major need for enterprise development, and without direct access to the database, it just cannot happen.