New Google Maps component available

New Google Maps component available

In the recent batch of new sample apps we released (e.g. Car Accident Reporting, Mobile Order Management or Telecom Services) we needed to display interactive maps and have the ability to add markers to them, along with other functionality, such as coordinate to address translation. Google Maps was the obvious choice.

We started by researching the community for components that would fit our use cases. These components, shared by some of our most active community users, were developed in different platform releases and fulfilled different purposes. Some integrated the interactive maps themselves, with specific marker usage scenarios, while others stuck to less complex usage scenarios, such as address translation.

Hoping to make life easier to everybody (including ourselves, of course :) ) we set out to create a component that would contain all the required functionality, while maintaining a good level of flexibility and simplicity for others to build upon.

The end result of this effort is a new component, named "Google Maps". It uses Google's Maps JavaScript API V3 to provide an interactive map experience. It also allows to add markers and directions, as well as event driven functionality, and some other goodies.

In the end, we still used the existing Forge components as inspiration for our own and for that, so we would like to thank the community for their input, especially the 'Google Maps by LxIS' and ‘Google GeoCoding’ components. You guys rock!

Google Maps is now available to download from Forge. Feel free to use it on your own applications and give suggestions. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing it!
HI Carlos, 

thanks for sharing this piece of good news.
BTW, we have been hearing from our Sales Engineers that adding this rich visual interface to a Mobile Field App is one of the best changes to be done! For most use cases in the field, the ability to add Route , Directions and even Route optimization is a great add on. 
Next step is we may even share some short videos of new apps people are doing with this component - once we have more we will be sharing here.

So i would like to challenge everyone that has tips to share for this component to add it in this thread :-)

Thanks, great article!