using the camera of a mobile phone

using the camera of a mobile phone

I would like to use a camera of a mobile phone to get a picture and then record it entitie

any suggestion ???

Hi Alberto,

I'm presuming that  you want this functionality in a responsive application.
This method works in iPhones, probably in Android devices too, but I dont remember if it works on Android

I had a similar requirement, all I did was have a Link to a popup webscreen, which had file upload widget

Check the attachments for more info
Img1: has the Add atachment Link
Img2: link is clicked and Upload File popup screen appears
Img3: Choose file button is presses and Safari on iPhone presents option for Taking photo or Video

The upload widget provides this feature by default, so no need for the popup screen

You can also try testing this with the OutSystems Forum launched in a mobile browser.
Try replying to this comment, you will find a button for uploading attachments.

You could also use some jQuery and CSS to change the Button's text and appearance.

Thanks for your support. I will give feedback
Hi Charles. I saw you images. They help but I would like something more user friendly
Hi Alberto,

First of all, "more user friendly", that's the way to go!! :)
I'd suggest you to check this post. Additionally, what you probably will want to do is to have a trigger to that (button), while having upload widget invisible by CSS ( visibility: hidden)  


Let me know if this helps.

First of all...R. Gonçalves thanks for your support. I will chek your suggestion and I will give feedback
Hi Alberto,

Have you checked out OutSystems Now? Here's a link to the documentation.
OutSystems Now works as a native shell that you install from your device's app store and that connects to your (personal) environment. OutSystems Now then shows the list of applications you have in that environment 
With OutSystems Now you can leverage the sensors in your mobile device which allows you to add events to the calendar, take photos with camera and much more.
If you open the link to the documentation I shared above with your mobile device you will be able to test these features.
We are currently working on use case documentation that hopefully will help you use these features...

Thanks André

I keeps working on the subject...