Hi Guys,

I have been working with popup lately, when I open them on my laptop in a chrome browser there is no issue. However if i attempt to open them in IE it simply starts to open, then closes.

Similar to this when my colleague attempts to open either of these popups in any browser there is just nothing.

Hi Tom , Check the security required to view the page of your poo up. Easy thing to miss and sounds like what you are experiencing. Stacey
Hi Tom,

Like Stacey said check the roles on the popup screen (thats usually the nº 1 reason).

If its not that, you may also want to look into the error log in the management console to make sure that no exception is being thrown in the preparation of the popup screen (also a common cause for the behavior).

Tom -

To elaborate on what Stacey said...

The setting for SSL on the popup MUST match what is on the page calling it. So if the popup is set to HTTP Security = "SSL" the page must be "SSL" as well.