Dropbox error

Dropbox error

I'm trying to use the dropbox connector but I keep getting an error. I've created the app in DropBox and added the 'AppKey' and 'AppSecret' and these seem fine but when it reaches the Account_GetInfo I get the following error: NoDropboxAuthorizationCodeException.
Any ideas where I am going wrong?
Hello Debra.

That error is raised when there's no authentication set ins ession.

If you check in our demo, we'v changed the Internal Error page where we have a button that redirects you to the "HandleNoAccessTokenException" screen available in the Connector. You can follow this pattern which we believe will help, but you can also call the "SetDropboxToken" action, available in the Utilities folder.

Hope it helps. If it dosen't, let me know.

Pedro Cardoso

I'll give that a try.