How to change the default language of an application.

Any suggestions on how to change the default language of an application so it will initialize with another language instead of the base english? Will this be a server-side solution?

We already have a Locale for the new language and in-system options for shifting between English and the other languages.
Hi Vincent,

To set a locale you may use the system action SetCurrentLocale. If by default you want another language other than english you could for instance use the SetCurrentLocale on the OnSessionStart system action. That way any time a user starts a new session the "default" locale will be set.

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This was what I was looking for. Thank you.
But how to back to default language?
I mean , to default languge , what is the parameter locale to input?

Traysine Zheng wrote:
But how to back to default language?
I mean , to default languge , what is the parameter locale to input?
 ok, i know. just set "".


This works, but if you have on a page an action that uses the Ajax Sumit method and you have an ajax refresh being called to refresh part of the screen, that part of the screen defaults back to English. 

Have somebody encounter this issue and how was it solved?

I found a solution that you need to call the setCurrenLocale with the desired language before calling the Ajax Refresh.  This is not the best way of doing this, because otherwise with existing applications I will need to go through all actions and put it in front.

hope someone has found a more elegant and better solution, before I start going through the whole application to do the above mentioned acitvity.

===== UPDATE====

It is not the Ajax refresh that is causing the language to default to english but the refersh data, in actions that uses the ajax submit method and uses the Refresh data is causing that, because on other actions that uses the ajax submit as a method, and don't have the refersh data, but have the ajax refresh it works well. 




Hi Alexei,

Never found that behavior but it doesn’t seem correct. I recommend you to contact OutSystems support to report this as a potential bug so you may get official troubleshooting and guidance.




just a status update, We have contacted OutSystems support and we did a webex session they are investigating and will let us know.

They say it supposed to be the way you described it in this post.



Can you give me a language replacement package for the platform? I want to change to Chinese language because I don't know how to use English.

Hello, this post was made in the forum 5 years ago, so besides being outdated, it is quite old. I suggest that you create a question about the topic you need help with and want to address.

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