How may I integrate the IT users store with my active directory?

Raymond -

The Users eSpace can be set to pull from an Active Directory. Just login to Users and change the setting (I forget where it is).


Hi JJ,

I looking at the developer access. Application end user I am aware we can link with AD.

Any idea?

There's an LDAP authentication module in the Forge which does the job.



Hi J. Ja,

Noted. Thanks.
Just in case somebody trips in this old thread, check the solution in the online help:

João Santos wrote:

Just in case somebody trips in this old thread, check the solution in the online help:

In my case:

The ADAuthProvider does not support the Java Platform. Please use the LDAPAuthProvider instead.

If I change the auth method for LDAPAuthProvider I can back to the OutSystems Built-In Authentication whithout lose the Users? 

Hi Bruno,

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Hi Raymond,

You need to use LDAP extension in order to integrate active directory.

Below is one sample how you can integrate LDAP: