Facebook Connecter: Initial login not working if app runs inside facebook


I implemented the Facebook connector and it works well, simple to use.

I have a facebook app that runs inside facebook apps.facebook.com/epetition 

When a user hits the app for the 1st time and clicks login, nothing will happen.  I found after lots of tries that if the user goes to the url of the app hosted on outsystems then they can log in fine after they are promoted to authorise the app and click ok > patlismore.outsystemscloud.com/epetitionappfb

Once the app is authorised then if the user visits the app inside facebook they can log in fine no problem.

Any advice for the facebook connector while being used for a facebook app.  
Hello Pat.

Never tried it, but I'll defnitly give it a look! 

Can you point me to the right direction so that I can investigate it?

Pedro Cardoso