create realtorio in Jasper

create realtorio in Jasper

Good afternoon
I wonder if the OutSystems tool can integrate ireport a tool that I use in java to create report in .PDF since I started using the OutSystems this week who can help me here is my email .
Thank you
Hello Alexandre,

what are the integration options you have available?

PS: answering in here so that others can use the reply for their own benefit.
good morning Ricardo ;
This is how the company I work as a developer we are now adopting the OutSystems then as I have no experience with the tool still have some doubts , but I think that answer your question we have the integration 9.0 you have email?

Here's my 5 cents, i think that iReport has an API based in REST webservices. Found this topic.

In this case you only need to consume this webservice in the Service Studio.