Editable Combo box Source record not possible?


Would it be possible to have a combo box in a editable table filed by a record source? It now only works with a sourche entity but we want to filter the values to show in the combo box. So that not all the values from the enitity will be possilbe to select.

Thnx for your help!

When using a Combo Box widget you can use either the Source Entity property (which will query all records from that entity) or a Source Record List, which can be a variable or the output of a query (which can filter the entity so you end up only with the relevant records).

Hi Miguel,

Thnx for your reply, that is the normal way to do it BUT!
The editable will lose the source record list on saving, I gues that is a bug.

What version of the platform are you using? That might have been fixed in more recent releases.

Tiago Simões


experiencing quite same issue on platform Version 10.0.405.0

I have a combobox inside an editable table. When I change value of the combo and click save OnRowSave method fires. Debug shows that variable bound to the combo always holds first value of the source record list.

Widget object is empty.

Maybe same issue? Was solved in later versions?

Use the variable of the editable table, and do the following use a function , follow the images:

or the special variable:

Apply css

.EditableTable .OnEdit select:not(.InEditMode), .EditableTable .OnEdit input:not(.InEditMode) {
    border: 1px solid #cccccc !important;
    background: white !important;

I hope it helps