Pagination on a list record varialble

Pagination on a list record varialble


I have a screen with a Table Record using a record list local variable.
The pagination is not working. What do i have to do to make it works?
Hi Sachin, 

One thing that normally is forgeted is the use of List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(TR.Id,True) in the StartIndex of the Table Record.

But if you provide a little more information like a print screen of the action called when the pagination widget is clicked, maybe we get the problem faster.

Hi Nuno,

Thansk for your reply..

I am inserting values into record list using userAction, Also have set the List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(TR.Id,True), I think, I need to refresh record list on refereshTable action.

Just asking..Is there any way, we can refresh Record List ?
Hi Sachin,

Can you share your code so that we can have a look at it?

You have to use a webblock called ListNavigation, that block has a notify action as destination, in that action you need to use Ajax Refresh to refresh all your Table.

I also advise you to check the learning videos here, there are some that can help you with this particular question.