Pagination on a list record varialble

Pagination on a list record varialble


I have a screen with a Table Record using a record list local variable.
The pagination is not working. What do i have to do to make it works?
Hi Sachin, 

One thing that normally is forgeted is the use of List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(TR.Id,True) in the StartIndex of the Table Record.

But if you provide a little more information like a print screen of the action called when the pagination widget is clicked, maybe we get the problem faster.

Hi Nuno,

Thansk for your reply..

I am inserting values into record list using userAction, Also have set the List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(TR.Id,True), I think, I need to refresh record list on refereshTable action.

Just asking..Is there any way, we can refresh Record List ?
Hi Sachin,

Can you share your code so that we can have a look at it?

You have to use a webblock called ListNavigation, that block has a notify action as destination, in that action you need to use Ajax Refresh to refresh all your Table.

I also advise you to check the learning videos here, there are some that can help you with this particular question.

Did this ever get solved? 

I have the same issue as the OP. I know how to set up pagination and haven't missed any steps, but when the source is a list variable it doesnt work properly.


Hi Beatriz,

In general, it's better to start a new topic, as a new topic will be quicker picked up. That said, with "the same issue" you mean that clicking the pagination does not advance the TableRecords? If so, how did you set it up?

In the tutorials, pagination is one of the things that's discussed. Did you take a look at it?

I managed to get it working after my last post. From memory i might have re-assigned the aggregate list to the variable list on every refresh as well as in preparation - not 100% sure - i know i tried this but cant remember if i took it out. Also set the counter and paging widgets' 'LineCount' properties to the data source in the preparation rather than the variable. Something like that did the trick...



I don't know what is the difficulty. What are you doing different?
To use pagination with a Local list, all you need to do is to setup the pagination the same way you do when the source is a list from an Aggregate/SQL.

Here is an example:

The OML is attached.

If you are doing something different, please, develop the explanation so we can understand where is the problem :)

Eduardo Jauch