[AdoptionMonitor] Data Size for Adoption Monitor vs. the Personal Edition 1 GB limit

[AdoptionMonitor] Data Size for Adoption Monitor vs. the Personal Edition 1 GB limit

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Published on 2015-06-01 by Grazina
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Published on 2015-06-01 by Grazina
This tool would be great to incorporate into a project I'm working on.  Unfortunately, at this time I'm just using the Personal Edition so I have a 1 GB data limitation.  I'm assuming that the data you are reading comes from systems tables that do not count against my limit but once you extract the data into the module's tables, I assume that data now counts against me.

Assuming the previous statement is true, do I need to be concerned with how much data is being saved?  If so, for the purposes of prototyping only, would it be difficult just use the original system tables and display the same information?

Thanks for writing this component.

Hello Curt,
Yes, the aggregated data would count against your data use. However, unless you have a lot of application use in that environment, the number of rows are probably small. Also, if you're using it only for prototyping, you could leave the timers turned off and only import data manually whenever you're actively evaluating and then clear the data when you're not. 
Of course, you could also rewrite the queries to use the original system tables, but that would limit the duration of time for which the data would be available because the system tables recycle. So, it's really just as well to manually load the aggregated data for whatever period you're prototyping. 


Sounds great!  I'll start playing with it!