How to get current page no from a table

I need to  get current page no from a table.
Please help ..

Hi Sahshi,

Have you checked the tutorial videos here?

If you are iterating the table/list you have: yourListName.List.CurrentRowNumber;
If you want to access a value without iterating the list it's like: yourListName.List[1].Entity.Attribute;

Note that if the index used doesn't exist you will get an exception.
Hi Nuno, Actually I want to get current page no not row no from table.. @run time.. I have used pagination on the table.
Ok, missunderstood your question.

I guess that you can't get that value, that values are controled inside Richwidgets eSpace.

Maybe creating a counter that use you max number of records by page and checking the current row number, but what is the porpose of that request? 
Actually I have a table & source record of table is temp record list(Rlist) & line count of table is 3 , total record in Rlist is 12 means there are 4 pages in table. I want to update 2nd row on fourth page means 10th row on temp record list(Rlist). But when I tried to get current row no from table on 4th page it is returning index 1 & it will update 2nd record instead of 10th record in temp record list(Rlist). There are no any I'd column or sequence no in my table or Rlist... Any help is appreciated..
You have to manipulate the source of the table not the table itself.

If you share a print of the action or even the eSpace it would be nice.