oml files

oml files

Someone can explain me why sometimes I receive some oml files with examples that I can load in Service Studio, and when I save oen to send to my friends, they can not load it!!!
Hi Alberto,

What error do they get? Version restriction? IPP protection?

João Rosado
Thanks João for your support

In fact the message is
Your OutSystems subscription only allows uploading modules developed in your environment, or downloaded from the OutSystems Forge. To share this module with the community, upload it at

But we have already change files with small examples were in the forum!!! Can you explain it to me

The IPP (intellectual property protection) is a protection placed into the espaces made so they can only be open by in the same infrastructure where they are developed (to avoid things like subcontractors or employee s from selling them to others companies).

This is a feature set in the server license.
In Enterprise efition there are the 2 options: Protect or Not Protected.

In the Personal Editions only the Protect option is available.
To share espaces between 2 personal editions the share needs to be via the forum or forge (like it is explained on your error message), that cleans IPP automatically during the upload.

João Rosado
Thanks João. You make it clear.