Install JBoss


I want to know if I could choose a different directory  "usr/share/jbossas" to install JBoss?

I need to install the JBoss on the "/opt" but the Outsystems install by default in "usr/share/jbossas"

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Hi Tiago,

There is no requirement on the folder where jboss is installed (I just checked and there is not even a mention on the checklist of "usr/share/jbossas", since that "default" is choosen on the jboss side, not ours).

If the jboss is not found on the default folder, during the OutSystems first install (either during the
actual installation or when running the Configuration Tool) it will ask for the jboss folder location.

João Rosado
Hi João

Thanks for your help.

In the "8.0 Install Checklist J2EE" , when you choose the option "JBoss EAP 6.3" on the "Please select which Application Server you'll be using on this machine:", you can see a mention in the tuning block:

Edit /usr/share/jbossas/bin/standalone-outsystems.conf and adjust the memory options of the JAVA_OPTS.
  • OutSystems recommends that the maximum java heap size to be the server's total RAM, minus 1.5GB for other services (e.g.: If the server has 8GB of RAM, configure 6.5GB for the application server with -Xmx=6656m).
For a Java JVM options reference, see Java HotSpot VM Options.

So, for the 8.0 Outsystems version, by default the JBoss is installed in this directory.

I would like to install in the /opt that is the correct place to install the applications in the Linux OS.

Do you know How can I do?


Hello Tiago,

did you use Yum to install JBoss?

Hi Pedro.


Basically the command executed by the script install sh is:

yum -y install jbossas-appclient jbossas-bundles jbossas-core jbossas-domain jbossas-hornetq-native jbossas-jbossweb-native jbossas-modules-eap jbossas-product-eap jbossas-standalone jbossas-welcome-content-eap

Hello Pedro

I found on the jboss forum that the usr/share is the main installation directory:

I will ask directly JBoss about this.