ToObject funtion on multiple Entities Record Lists


Im trying to implement a generic export extension in c#. I want to pass a Record List as a object and convert it to a C# DataTable.

The problem is that, if the Record List has multiple entities, i only get one in the extension. Is this the expected behaviour of the ToObject function? Or am i doing something wrong?

I've tested with multiple serialization extensions (like ardoJSON, XMLRecords and CSV) from the Forge and the behavior is similar. Only one of the entities is parsed.

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Hello Eduardo,

The ToObject function simply wraps the record list and passes it along to the extension.

As the author of ardoJSON and XMLRecords for Java, I can tell you that it would be possible to obtain the information for the other entities in the record list, I simply don't do it as there is no clear semantics for the operations I'm performing.

Both these solutions I mention make heavy use of reflection to obtain information from the given object. I recommend you take a look at the generated code and objects for joined record lists, and base your reflection code on that.

Feel free to use the code from any of my components as a baseline.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva