Improved support for enumerates in Consumed SOAP Web Services

Improved support for enumerates in Consumed SOAP Web Services

Hi all!

When using the Platform to Consume SOAP Web Services some of the types defined in the service are represented in the Platform as a correspondent Data Type.

Up until now, one of these conversions was that Enumerate values defined in the service would be represented by the Text Data Type, losing all type safety and easy development that is associated with Enumerations.

This made it really hard for developers to fill the inputs and attributes with the Enumerate values, since they needed to go read the external services documentation in order to know what were the possible values.
This process was also error prone and there were no TrueChange™ validations as is common in the Platform.


Not anymore!

As of and there is a new feature that implements the WSDL enumerated types idea.
So, from now on Enumerates from SOAP Web Services are imported as Static Entities.

This allows a fully typified and TrueChange™ aware usages!


What do I need to use this improvement?
To be able to use this it is required both the development environment and Platform Server be at or above the and versions (for Platform 8 and Platform 9, respectively).

I already have existing SOAP Web Services that still have Text Data Types! What do I need to do?
This change causes old Text usages to become invalid, therefore there is no automatic upgrade. If you have existing services that you want to convert to the model, there is a new Refresh option available. Choosing this Referesh option will cause the Enumerate values that were previously imported as Text to become Identifiers. So, you will need to check the TrueChange™ tab for errors and replace your existing strings for the correct expressions.

What if I want to keep using the Text Data Types when consuming new services?
Since there is no advantage of using the Text Data Type we are only keeping the existing ones for compatibility purposes. You can use older versions of Service Studio to consume them, but the new model is highly recommended.

João Rosado
Are the Static Entities created this way counted as application objects?
Hi Brynjar,

These static entities are just like any other (not read-only like the rest of the web reference structures) and can be used normally, so they do count application objects.

João Rosado

Great to read!
Hello there,

I tried to consume a WS but the new option isn't shown.

Using version on personal environment.

Did I miss any config or is this a bug?



Refresh SOAP Web Service (importing enums) - not available
Hi João

The option there is only to upgrade old web references to the new model.
Any newly Consumed Web Services will automatically get it if there are enumerates described in the service wsdl.

I just tested it in my personal and worked fine.

Edit: just noticed the names on your example are the default for Outsystems Exposed Web Services. This improvement is only to consume external services. The ones generated by the platform do not (yet) define enumerates in the service description, so are not able to take advantage of this.

João Rosado