I am getting 400 error while i'm almost certain the request i put out is correct.
However the logging is not helping me.

1. I don't see the url-parameters i am putting out.
2. the body of the 400-response is nowhere to be found, and normally it will give me more info.
so, how can I see the body-content of the response?


Well actually the REST has a very good logging that allows you to see all that... but I think we need to rethink how to show you that it exists, since it is hard to find.

In ServiceCenter go to your eSpace and select the Integrations tab. There click on the name of your REST integration.
There you should be able to see the configurations for it, including an option to turn detailed logging.

That will cause an extra "Detail" link to appear in the logs.

João Rosado
ah, well at least it's somewhere :)

thanks for the heads up though!
Here's a link that might be useful for troubleshooting REST API requests and for handling errors as well.


Hey guys,

Even after 3 years this post plays vital role.

Many thanks to J for coming up with this question and many thanks to Joao and Andre for the answers.

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