Consume a SOAP Web Service WSDl File Java


I'm using the version 8 of the Outsystems, with Java RedHat install.

I'm tring to consume a web service where I have to use I file WSDL, there is no the WSDL on the URL of the service.

I know that I can refer the WSDL from a file with this way:

"Alternatively you can import a WSDL from your file system, by specifying file:///<filesystem path to wsdl>."

I configured in the Service Center, into the eSpace and WebServices, the path of the file in the linux as below:


The action that comsume the service fail because the file is not found.

Anybody know what I have to do?

Thanks very much.

Hi Tiago,

You need to used the "file:///<filesystem path to wsdl>" path in Service Studio to consume the Web Reference, and then in ServiceCenter->eSpace->Web Services you need to configure the real url for the service, not the file.

João Rosado
Hi João

Thanks very much.

By default this field in the Service Center was filled with the full file path that I indicated in the Studio to read the WSDL on the first time.

So, I thought that I needed to indicate the path into the server too in the Service Studio.

I just change for the URL and It worked fine.