Menu Object Causing Circular References

Menu Object Causing Circular References

I am trying to follow the Architecture canvas and split out my application by different modules but when creating a module for the base theme and common webblocks such as the menu I am finding circular references are needed.
To add destinations to web screens I need to reference end user modules (creating upwards references) and to use the menu in the screens i need to reference the menu module.
What is the best way around this?  Are External URL's the only option?

Daniel -

Yes, that's going to happen.

There's really no good way around it that I've found... just count on it not being the end of the world, close your eyes and move on. Not ideal. :(


yes this is a "problem" that I already had a lot of times and it's not really funny to deal...I think the OS team could try figure a more easy way to deal with this....

You can remove the upwards references by using the External Site widget:

(You need to add a Dynamic URL if you want to support both .Net and Java stacks).
Still, not a perfect solution, as if you rename the screen / entry point, you may end with dead links. But for most cases, it's not too bad to manage (re-read Justin's advice above).

Another option would be moving the menu web block upwards in your hierarchy, although you may still end up with a similar situation at another level. But at least your theme could serve multiple applications.