The text field allows nearly all forms of ASCII characters.
For many fields, such as a name text box this is not appropriate.

Names should not have numbers, periods, or any other special characters.

Is there a way to - on the server side - only allow characters A-Z, a-z and the space character.

In addition to using this to clean up user input for name fields it also helps to prevent SQL injections. (I noticed there was already a SQL formatting function, as well as an email format check, but I do not see one to prevent special characters in text fields.

Again, I want this on the server side to prevent any malicious inputs, so java or jquery will not be accepable for this functionality.

Braxton Bragg
Inputs are already sanitized in OutSystems, so, SQL injections are blocked by default.  To limit user input, have you taken a look at this video?
Thanks for the link.

Indeed I have watched that video, and just re-watched it. For numeric values there is a good bit of validation options in Outsystems.

However, I would like to prevent characters like `~!@#$%^&*()_+:"{}|<>?-=[]\;',./1234567890 from being allowed in the name field.

With escape content set to NO, or possibly other unforseen circumstances, users could inject HTML, Java, etc.

I'm looking for a way to prevent anything except letters and the space character from being considered valid.

Try this

Thanks for the link, hadn't thought to search the forge yet.

Unfortunately it does not seem to want to compile on Outsystems Version


.NET Compilation.
C:\Users\username\Downloads\RemoveDiacritics-1.0\Source\NET\RemoveDiacritics.sln.metaproj : error MSB3202: The project file "C:\Users\username\Downloads\RemoveDiacritics-1.0\Source\NET\..\TestDiacritics\TestDiacritics.csproj" was not found. [C:\Users\username\Downloads\RemoveDiacritics-1.0\Source\NET\RemoveDiacritics.sln]
 RemoveDiacritics -> C:\Users\username\Downloads\RemoveDiacritics-1.0\Source\NET\bin\OutSystems.NssRemoveDiacritics.dll

You could also try something like this: Regex_Replace(PostedText,"[^\w\s]","",True,True)
Regex_Replace in the Text extension built into the platform.