Hello all,

I will soon start an Outsystems platform upgrade from version 8 to version 9. I have 5 different standalone environments, all using the .NET stack:
1 - DEV: the main Development environment
2 - QAS: the end-user Testing environment
3 - PRE: the Pre-Production environment mirroring the production environment (used for bug analysis)
4 - PRD: the Production environment
5 - LFT: the LifeTime environment

I have already read the breaking changes for version 9, and although there doesn't seem to be much worries, i still need to perform tests to my existing applications in order to ensure that everything is working as before. This testing will probably be a long process, so while the DEV and QAS environments are being upgraded and tested, I will need to continue developing in PRE (version 8) and deploying to PRD.

I have some questions regarding on how to proceed with the upgrade:
- When testing is done, will i be able to use LifeTime to move these developments from PRE (version 8) to DEV (version 9). I mean, will LifeTime be able to keep seeing all environments despite their platform version ?
Also, do you recommend the LifeTime upgrade be done before or after all other environments are upgraded? Or is it irrelevant? < Nevermind, i've read the checklist and it says to upgrade before it others
- I am also advising that the Production environment be stopped while the respective upgrade is being done. Is this necessary?
- Is there any other tip ou advice you can give me? Has anyone done this upgrade before and ran into any trouble?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
João Gomes

Joao -

We just did the upgrade in a similar environment.

1. If Lifetime let me go from 8 to 9 I still wouldn't. We had manual changes around Extensions to make. You'll have to schedule carefully. My suggestion is to clone one of your environments and do a test upgrade there first to get an idea of the time needed for your application.

2. If you have a "farm" environment (more than one app server) you do NOT need to shut Production down. Just follow the standard "balanced environment" upgrade instructions (basically... take half the servers out of the load balancer, upgrade their platform server, the DB and the code, put them back into the load balancer, take the rest out and upgrade their platform server installs). The one thing to note is that your session DB gets cleared during the upgrade so folks may need to log back in or lose stuff happening in sessions.

I've done many platform system upgrades over the years with no problems until the 8 -> 9 upgrade. During my upgrade of the session DB in Production, something went very, very wrong (I am certain it was on the DB server side!) and we ended up losing our session DB. Since the upgrade clears the session DB anyways, my advice is to just make a fresh session DB during the upgrade and point the servers to it as you upgrade their platform server installation.