I have little space and some tabs to show and I would like to rotate them according my need. Below an example in Java. Someone has a tip ?

Hi Luciano,

What exactly are this tabs? How are they implemented?

Below the tabs I implemented in my OS application. I used the Tabs_ClientSide component. I would like to scroll from the 3rd tab to use the screen´s opposite side to show up the details of each register.
I have also encountered a problem where this functionality would be nice.

If you have too many tabs, the tab list may overflow the parent container.

Pic attached.

Has anyone found a way around the overflow issue yet?

I think I saw somewhere an arrow/cursor/next button beside tabs that lets you scroll through your tabs just like if you have a lot of sheets in your Excel workbook. I just don't know yet how to do it.

(basically yet another question to the original post)