it's a second time i'm asking for same problem but i'm not geting any response.
my problem is : I want to show some information (i.e: Button, Menu ( enclose in Container))  as a frozen on top of page and it should appear always where so ever i'm on page . I know that Default menu is already frozen but i want to show my data below that. 
Please give me solution on this its so arjunt .
Thank you !

You are talking about tabs? 
You must create a container that will hold everything and give it a style "Tabs_Wrapper".
Now, inside that first container you drag and drop the widget "Tabs_ClientSide" from RichWidgets.
Below it you had other containers (one for each tab) and all you have to do is to make sure you:
1. set the style of each of those containers as "Tabs_TabBody";
2. in the extended properties insert a property named title and it's value is a name, like "Tab1"
Repeat this for each tab.

That's it.