Multi Tenant Aggregate SQl Testing?

Multi Tenant Aggregate SQl Testing?

I have a multi-tenant eSpace (using V9) which is working correctly in terms of isolating the data for tenant etc., 

However I am having trouble testing Aggregates and SQL statements as I do not have the ability to select the tenant, so they do not return anything when testing.

The help says 

"Select tenant (only available for multi-tenant eSpaces): This is a drop-down, with all current tenants, allowing you to specify in which tenant context the query will be executed. The selected tenant is memorized and synchronized with the tenant drop-down of the TrueChangeTM tab, in the Lower pane."

But I do not see that anywhere in my envrionment so do not have the ability to specify the TenantId?

Do I need to turn something on to be able to see the Tenant drop down? The eSpace "Is Multi-tenant" = Yes


Hi Keith,

I'm afraid that testing queries in multi-tenant espaces is not working right now. I have colleagues that faced the same problem as you. 

I don't know the official OutSystems statement on this, but they will probably tell you it will be available "soon" (version 10 perhaps :-) ).

I retract myself. This functionality may actually be coming soon.. 

The change log for RC version says this:
  • Added the possibility to change tenants when previewing Aggregates that use multi-tenant entities (#811823)


Thanks for the information it wull save me another few hours looking for an answer.
Where do you go to see the change log for upcoming releases? 

Try here

Thanks again I will download the release and try it as it seems to be available now.
New release candidate version allows it via a module menu option
"Module>Configure Tenant to Test Queries .. "
and also a drop down in the advanced SQL Test button.

If you set it via either both aggregates and SQL's will work with the same one.