Combobox with dynamic values


I am trying to use a combo box in my app , but it has been quite a challenge. This combo box does not contain static values, it changes depending on previous selections. I need this combo box to contain the values that come from an external sql database that I reference using integration studio.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Hi Inês,

take a look at this How To:

Kudos go to André Madeira!

I think you should create an onchange action to do that.
You need a query to that external database whose List will populate the drop down.
That is what I do and it returns me an error as seen in the image. I can't do anything about this error but I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I just can't set the source identifier attribute.
Hi Inês,
You have to change the variable.
Instead of massActions.Current have a variable that represents the Identifier of the entity you want
The thing is that my entity doesn't have an identifier, or maybe I just can't find it. That identifier ... is it an autonumber int id? 
Hi, I was finally able to do what I needed with the help of this question here in the forum Anyway, tahnks for all the help :)