Preventing placeholder from wrapping content

I have a web block that uses a placeholder.  In the browser, the placeholder is compiling to a <div> tag and wrapping its contents.

For example, if I have an image in the placeholder, the generated HTML becomes (shortened for brevity):

         <img />

Instead of just:

    <img />

Which is what I'm looking for.

Is there any way to prevent the placeholder from wrapping its contents in a tag?  It is causing issues with my stylesheets since the order of elements is important.  This rogue <div> between a parent element and a child element is breaking the styles.

I tried to set "OSTagName" to an empty value, but that just results in the literal string being printed onto the page:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

(I can already feel the "just rewrite your styles" posts--that is not a good option)
Does that div have an Id or class?Or is it just unnamed?
I ask this because the platform tries to avoid generating unnecessary div/spans unless they are necessary. Not sure if placeholders always generates divs. I think it may always be needed to distinguish different placeholders on the same page with the same web block inside.

João Rosado
Hi Michael,

When you use a placeholder the platform will always generate a div around your content. One way to remove it would be if you name that placeholder and the use some javascript to remove it while keeping that content.

But because it is a div wouldn't be easier to just adjust your css? Can you shed some light on what rules are breaking when you have that div?

Thanks for confirming that this is always the case.

I'm using Bootstrap, so changing the CSS inside of that would require me to repeat that action every time I upgraded it.  I would rather future-proof it and mimic the HTML that Bootstrap expects rather than hack at it to accept different HTML.

For now I'm using a hack that will remove the containing <div> with JavaScript.