Canceling "1-Click Publish" does not cancel

Canceling "1-Click Publish" does not cancel

I have noticed that when I click "Stop" during a "1-Click Publish" past the Deploying stage, my action is ignored.  As seen below (this is directly after I clicked "Stop", the UI is updated to indicate to me that the publish as been canceled.

However, the change I made will show up on the web browser when I refresh a few seconds later.  If I stop the publishing earlier and try to publish again directly after, it tells me that another publish is happening (the one I stopped):

If I stop the publishing before the Deploying stage, the actual publishing does seem to cancel (my changes don't go through).

Not sure if this is a bug on the server or in the platform.

It seems that the deployment happens before the entire publishing event is completed -- in other words, the 1-Click Publish is not atomic.  Is there any risk in having a partially completed deployment?
Hi Michael,

The publish is not partial... but let me try to get there.
Once you trigger the 1-click publish and you pass the upload stage the process is pretty much on its way and you can really stop it. The cilent (Service Studio) is only listening for messages from the Platform Server about the publishing, so stoping the process at that time is really 'stop listening'.
Now, why don't you get a partial publish? You don't because only in the very end of the publish is when OutSystems Platform makes the new version available to the end-users. So if you access the site a few seconds once you stopped the publish, assuming the publish didn't really stop because of any compilation or deployment problem, you are actually looking at the latest changes you introduced in the application.

Thanks for the explanation André.

I think then that "Stop" might be a bit of a misnomber;  it may be better to disable the button entirely after the process passes the upload stage.