First of all, I like the changes in the latest Service Studio, it became faster and more usable, even looking better. I also like the new selector of variable type. But I don't see record list in that selector. Is it removed from there? So now I can't make a variable, input or output parameter of Record List, only List? And if I want to return SQL result - I can not just assign it like Result = Query.List, I can only use ListAppendAll. Is it so?
It's just a change of the new Service Studio. Things are arranged in a different way.
If you scroll all the way down in the Data Type selector you'll get "List..." and "Record...".

Play around with the new selector. You still have the previous options available.
Hi Igor,

The type selector actually lets you define that type. but it is not easy

Also the assign limitation will be improved soon to work correctly when there is only 1 entity in the query.

For the rest of the cases there the suggestions in the Data Type property should allow you easily select the correct type without having to use the Type Editor:

João Rosado
Thanks, João. That "Suggestions" part is very good, somehow I have missed it.
But I couldn't make it selecting List - than Record - than Entity (if that what you meant in the first advise): in this case, it still makes just Entity List in the end.
Hi Igor,

Maybe this video will help. Around 3:50 I explain how to create a list of records.
But as João said, the best and quickest way is just to use the new suggestions.

Hugo Lourenço

I've also done a post about transitioning from Record Lists to Lists, that you might find useful.