ServiceCenter User/Admin guid for Outsystems 9

Can somebody please provide me the link or any pdf file for User or Admin guid for ServiceCenter. Which contains  information of ServiceCenter's Username and password policies.

Hello, Mushfik,

I'm not sure exactly what you want. Service Center has inline documentation for most of it. It should be easy for you to figure out Service Center features by just browsing around and reading the extensive documentation there.

As for managing users, there are no specific password policies being enforced by the OutSystems Platform, except warning you when it's too small (less than 6 characters, I believe).

Can you please clarify what kind of information you are looking for, so maybe I can help you out?

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for you reply, our requirement was to use LDAP authentication at all the placese where login requires. But ServiceCenter can not be integrated with any LDAP server currently and that is why we wanted to know the username and password policies in ServiceCenter or if there is a way to enforce any policy like password must have alphanumeric and special character with some minimum length and username must have some minimum length etc.

Also can you tell me if we can configure session timeout for ServiceCenter.