Changing grid column class names

When I use the built-in OutSystems grid system, it applies the following classes to the <div> that represents the container:

ThemeGrid_Width3 ThemeGrid_MarginGutter

Is there any way I can specify the format of the first class?

Instead of "ThemeGrid_WidthN" where = an integer between 1 and 12, I'd like it to be "col-md-N".  Is this possible?

Hi Michael,

The grid class names are not configurable.
What is your requirement? Page size? or you want to use some framework to override them?

The current names were actually choosen in a way to avoid any clashs/incompatibilities with other existing frameworks.

João Rosado
Thanks for the response João.

I was hoping to use Bootstrap since I use it for everything else (tables, buttons, lists, etc...), but I will try to use a mix of Bootstrap and OutSystems styles.
I found a workaround for a simular issue. When I copied some webblocks into separate eSpaces the IDE didn't recognize the original grid type. I had to switch each div from its x col value to another value and switch back to the original. After that the "ThemeGrid_MarginGutter" was again applied.