Processes vs Web Flow

Processes vs Web Flow


Hi Guys

Can you give some guide lines when to use Process and Web Flow?
Pro and cons of each?
I think each should have its own video..

Thanks in advance

PS: I lieave the tags to you..
Hakan -

Processess and Web Flows are totally different things.

A Web Flow is really just a collection of related Screens, like a List page linked to a Details page, or the screens to pay for a cart of goods.

A Process is a workflow with an organized path through it, that ties into the BPT system to enforce and guide that flow, where some or all of the logic can happen asynchronously on the server. For example, a system to guide a technician through troubleshooting a problem where step 1 is always "reset cable modem" and you don't lead them to step 2 until you get feedbackf rom step 1.