Community Feedback - Development Environment

Community Feedback - Development Environment

Hello everyone,

A release candidate of the new Development Environment is available: version - download here:
Have you tried it? Last release, version, was removed from availability, as well as
There have been some relevant changes and some mixed emotions on them, some of them are:
a) merge and publish: not possible to select/unselect "top-level"
b) search: like the ctrl+f change 
c) move from "record lists" to "list" types, see:
d) EditableTable: buggy in some scenarios, when doing ajax refreshes, the pagination, ...
Etc.. For some previous context, check also this post:

I just wanted to summarize a bit of the latest discussions and create the stage for sharing these and other issues that you find relevant on the new, still in "release candidate" mode, Service Studio

bump! (bring up my post)

I've used this version on windows 7. However I've tried installing on a windows 8.1 machine and couldn't start it. I uninstalled it to make a clean install and still couldn't get it to start on a windows 8.1 laptop.
Anyone else experienced this?
Hi Tiago,

Try to run it as Administrator (to have permissions to create the logging file), it should create a general.txt file in the ServiceStudio folder. If it does, can you check if it has errors?

João Rosado
Hi João,
That actually did the trick, thanks. That is actually a common practice I have when a programm doesn't start, I thought I did it before, but it seems I didn't. It created a general.txt file.
Anyway, after successfully starting Service Studio, I decided to uninstall again and make another clean install but paying more attention on what was happening behind the scenes. Strangely enough, this second time I ran a first try without being "Run as Administrator" and it oppened and started Service Studio, this time it didn't create a general.txt file.

On my first try yesterday: I had previously installed, I tried installing and couldn't start it. I uninstalled and tried again with no success, so I decided to install back again the and it wouldn't start either... I remember there was an error message complaining about runtimecommon.dll, I'm just not sure if it was on just or both.

I just wanted to share, in case my experience helps. I didn't documented it well because, honestly, I wasn't really paying that much attention at the time.

Some notes on this version

- Although I like the "Lists" implementation I completely disagree doing it in a patch version. This kind of stuff should me made available through, at least, a minor version, like a;
- In I had my Service Studio working perfectly in my windows 7 laptop and windows was defined to 125% screen content size. When I installed (and then this last one the service studio resolution itself got worst (support case #865727 if you want to review it internally). I had to change back to 100% size to get a good resolution inside service studio. Why the difference? Did you changed something internally in service studio?

Hi guys,

Regarding the High DPI issues, the versions from tried to fix the main problem that was not being able to correctly click on items. If you search on the foruns there were tons of users not being able to work at all with Service Studio expecially on Surfaces and Mac's.

And yes at 125% with not so big resolutions it didn't give much problems (mostly only noticable on the lines inside the Web Editor that were 10-25% off the correct position).
That issue was already addressed and will be available on the next version of Service Studio. Hope this time it works better for everyone.

Internally a lot was changed (notice the requirements changed from .Net 3.5 to .Net 4.5), not only to improve this issue (really sorry that first attempt fixed the clicking issues but caused it to become very ugly) but also to improve performance, memory consumption and full unicode support in Web Editor and Expressions.

João Rosado