In my webscreen, I have a form and a editable table both with mandatory fields. On the client validation of the editable table (with an empty form) it says that the form field is required. How does validation groups work in forms and editable tables?

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Hi Nuno,
Can you explain better? When you fill the editable table with data you then click on any button?
If you are, probably that button has the "Validation Parent" property empty and will validate all widgets, instead of a specific one.
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I'm having the same problem. The save link for the editable tables does client side validation all over the page (all table rows and form/edit record fields). What can we do to fix this?

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Hi Joana,

It does in fact. We need to hook into that javascript somehow.
I don't have any tip on this, I haven't had the need to look into the javascript on EditableTable before. Maybe someone else have?

Even if you have those widgets (Forms and EditableTables) inside webblocks it will still check for validation of all inputs in the screen.