List of special extended properties

I was wondering if there was a complete list of special extended properties (e.g. OSTagName which changes the HTML tag of the element).  I searched through the documentation but didn't find anything on the subject.
Hi Michael,

As far as I know, that is the only special one. Also it was introduced as a hack/workaround (and not really as a fully supported feature), so there is not much information about it.

But just to let it clear: there are some values that have no effect, so they can also be considered "special". Like the "Id".

João Rosado
Hi João,

Isn't that the case also with "type"? Any value in the extended properties of "type" property will have no effect...


Yes the type on Inputs/Buttons cannot be set. This happens with most of the attributes that are already set by the default widgets.
I would say that not being able to override an existing attribute that the platform sets should be considered the "normal behavior". But in some cases it is usefull and there were exceptions made explicitly on those.

For example: the "class" usually (from what I remember this one is a bit inconsistent between widgets, in some cases it concatenates) is able to overrides what is set in the "style".

And cases like the "onclick" (on a button for example) will not override the properties completly. It will concatenate the onclick from the extended property with the default action.

There can be situations that there are not being considered right now and could be considered to allow them to be overriden in a future version, so feel free to make suggestions.
In regards to the type of buttons/inputs, in some cases it breaks the pages rendering because the server will be expecting them to be present in the submit actions, so I really don't think we can allow to override that one.

João Rosado
João Rosado wrote:
Yes the type on Inputs/Buttons cannot be set.
 I am not seeing this behavior.  I did the following:
  • Made a new application
  • Ticked the Anonymous role
  • Dragged a button over and set the "type" to "button" in the extended properties panel
  • Dragged a button over and didn't set the type (didn't do anything to it)
  • Published
This is the HTML that is generated.  The "type" changes between the two due to me setting the "type" property in the extended properties panel.

I can also change the type to something that isn't a standard value, such as "stuff":

I'm using version

EDIT:  Going off topic in this thread, I'll start a new one to discuss this.


Seraching the forums it seems like this question is not answered completely: Is there a complete list of extended properties that work like:

  • class
  • style
  • ostagname
  • autofocus
  • ??

Regards, Harry


I am also searching for this list of extended properties. Is there any place i can find it?



You can use it to override standard html properties/attributes (some of them already mentioned in previous replies) or introduce your own properties, that you can use in Javascript to implement some behaviour.

See also: