[Location] Location vs Geo

[Location] Location vs Geo

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Published on 5 Jan by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 5 Jan by OutSystems Labs
"Location" is a lite version of "Geo" component http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/439/geo/
"Location" is based off the old "Geo" component prior to Geo 5.0.0.
"Location" uses GUID as the entity identifier, where as "Geo" use "int" as the entity identifier.

Both Location and Geo component, contain the same features  
  • Lookup table for Country, CountryState, Country International Dail Code
Geo has additional features
  • Lookup tables Language, Currency, and Timezone.
  • Convert between timezone
  • Format phone number
Hello Robert,

in fact we had to publish a new component that, as you say, is a light version of a previous version of Geo.

We did it because Geo changed a lot on the last version. Namely, the PK of the countries were changed from Country Code to auto integer. This was a major breaking change, since all our code was dependent on the codes.

Pedro Cardoso

Make sense, no problem.