Good day,

Can anyone confirm if this is a bug? Whenever i refresh the editable tables adds a new row. i have attached an OML for your refference.

Hi Joshua,

That is indeed a bug that should be fixed in Platform Server

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago

Thanks for the quick reply. The thing is im using my personal environment when I encounter this issue so does that mean that the personal environment platform server is still not version does it mean that platform server version is still not released?


Hi Joshua,
Platform Server version is already available, but your personal environment is probably still using If you go to your service center https://<your url> you can check the "Development mode" on the right that gives your environment platform server version.

I think personal environments are still all on server version.
Hi Tiago

thanks for the reply will check that now

Hi guys

So I tried to upgrade my platform server version to and it still has the bug and also in this version when i set an editable table to disabled it can still show the list of options, can this be disabled?

Hi joshua,
This bug was only fixed in the Platform Server for .NET, if you are working with Platform Server for Java you still have this issue. If this is the case, I have good news to you: The fix for this issue in java will be released in the next Platform Server revision.
If you are using Platform Server in .NET, please describe us with more detail the problem that you have. Assuming that the source data was not changed, the use case that was fixed was:
"After an ajax refresh against the editable table, I will have the same number of rows that I had before"
Can you confirm that this behavior doesn't occur?
The second part of your question was about the list of options that can be seen even when the editable table is disabled. What you can do to overcome this issue is disable not only the Editable Table but also the combo box inside it.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

Gonçalo Tavares