Adding properties files into J2EE Integration Projects

Hi, guys!! He are in a middle of a proof of concept and our potential client asked to add an properties files into  a J2EE project (Integration) that is used to RPC on a mainframe. The properties  file  is used to customize the parameters passed to the connection with the mainframe. I said that the appropriate approach in this case is pass these parameters as the extension method parameters, but I was wondering if it possible to add this type of file into the project. We had add it but when builded the properties is ignored and the generated war did not have the file.


Hi Rogério,

Like you said the preferiable approach would be to pass this to the extension (you can even argument that like that it could be configurable from the outside).

But if you want to include the file in the extension is also possible.
You can place the file in the folder of your project (after you open the extension)

On Integration Studio you need to include the file

and select where to deploy it 

Hope this helps