How to Bind data at rumtime with combobox


I have two Combobox First is for my Items which contains my Items Entity based on selection I have to fill the Data into Second combobox but I am not able to bind that collection to my Second Combobox
Can anyone please help me how can I achive this funcationality in outsystems.
Hi Dhaval,
If I understood correctly, you want to use onchange property of the 1st combobox with an action as destination.
On that action you refresh (ajax refresh) the 2nd combobox widget.
Hello Tiago,

Thanks for your reply I want to bind the datasource of second combobox on onchange event that's it, can you please let me know how can i do it?
Hi Dhaval,

take a look a this example:

@Joao Heleno: Perfact !!!! Thanks Buddy !!!! :)