Default Values for Multi tenant solutions

Default Values for Multi tenant solutions

what is the recomended way to have default values for non-static entities in a multi tenant application ?

Should I run a timer that checks if certain tables are empty and fills them with the default values if they are ?

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You define default values of entities attributes the same way, being multi-tenant or not.
Setting an Entity as Multi-tenant constrains their data per tenant. Aggregates and SQL are performed with automatic data isolation: only data belonging to the correct tenant is returned. Have a look in the Help:
You want different default values per tenant? If that's your scenario I don't know what is the recommended way, if there's any.
Default values was not what i meant, sorry about that. What i meant was default data.

Lets say every tenant can customize his own table headers but I want to offer certain default headers that he can then customize or add to. How would i go about filling the default data into the entity where the headers are read from ?
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The normal would be to have a multitenant timer running "on publish" to do the bootstrap of the entities.

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Thank you :)