Not able to copy the value into Input box which is in Record List.

Hi all,
      I have two Input Box  one is inside the Record list and other is outside the  list, what i want to achieve is to copy the value from the input box which is outside the record list into the inputbox which is inside the record list when clickiing on the button. 
Using java script i am trying to copy the value, but not able to get the ID of the Inputbox which is inside the record list.
Can you please help me to achieve it.
Thanks Rajendra Singh

You can probably do it via Ajax, setting the button's method to Ajax submit, modifying the input variable associated to the widget and ajax refreshing the table record (not sure if it is a table record - there's no record list widget).

If you really want to use javascript, you can add an expression with Escape Content = No, after the table record input, with a <javascript> section, setting some local js variable (MyListInput is the name property of the input inside the table record):

<javascript language=''javascript>
MyInputInsideListID = MyListInput.Id;

This would allow you to use js variable MyInputInsideListID in your script that copies the values.
But this assumes you only have a single input in the table record list, based on some logic...

Hi Rajendra,
If there are input control in eveery row then also you can find it with javascript , what you have to do is to iterate the table by each row and find input control in column and once you get it you can assign its value to any other control.
I have done it in one of my project so if you want i can share the js code also.