[Directory] Reference to Employees broken or functionality has changed

Forge Component
Published on 2018-10-12 by Sofia Mourato
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Published on 2018-10-12 by Sofia Mourato
I am trying to setup the Directory application and I have installed all the pre-requisites that I can see.

The problem is coming from the Empoyees module in the Intranet Services application.

There are a numbe of user actions that are no longer present and there does not seem to be any replacement for them in the ones that are present.

Is there an update pending to get Directory working with Intranet Services or can you please provide me with some direction on how to get around this reference issue.

The problem was caused by a previous application installation that had a dependency on Employees which was in the Intranet Services application.

When I tried to automatically install the Directory component from the Forge, it forced me to download it.

Once manually installed, all the dependencies were met except for some references in Employees.

To correctly meet the dependencies manually the latest versions of the following applications need to be installed:
Google Maps
Employee Services
Floor Plan
Silk UI Framework
Dublin Theme