how to get the url parameters in outsystems9.0

how to get the url parameters in outsystems9.0


i am using url to pdf extension and when i am doing that i am passing some parameters in url like this

on the test.aspx page i need to use myname  variable in the presentation for some query conditions.

could osme one help me hot to acheive this.

On your page, these are input parameters. When you hit the page, in the preparation, use these parameters in your queries.
hi gerry thanks for your reply, but my question is how to read the "URL parameter"

for  example form above i need to get the value of "?myname=tester"
When you create the screen in Outsystems, you define ordinary input parameters for it. You will use these variables in your code.

When you set the URL to call for the PDF conversion, you will set it as you have written above, passing in the values you need for the screen to render.