I'm not sure if this issues is related to lifetime synchronization or not.
I have one application that was deployed from Development and to Test and eventually was deleted from the Development server. This application information still appears in the Lifetime application lists. But if you click on the application it says Application not available.
Any ideas on how i can get rid of this application information ?

I have tried the following and didn't  work
  • Lifetime synchronization with Development 
  • Lifetime synchronization with Test

Lifetime running on version 

How did you delete it? What were the steps you took?
It seems like there was something broken when you deleted, because LifeTime still expects that application to be available. 
@Tiago Neves, The Deletion was done from Service Studio that is connected to the Development Environment.

  1. Opened the application from Service Studio
  2. Clicked the Delete link from the Manage tab
  3. Accepted the Deletion confirmation message

That is one correct way of doing it...
Have you installed LifeTime in more than one environment? Or you have it in a dedicated environment?

Does that application still exist in other environments besides Development Server?

LifeTime is installed on a dedicated environment.

I did a reboot on the LifeTime server and this seem to have done the trick.
The application has disapeared from the List. 
This is strange no?