static entity ID

static entity ID

Static entities used it in other entities, if I haven't assign a record on the other entity, the ID for the static entity should be nullidentifier. The thing is that somestimes I get 0 instead of nullidentifier(). Can anyone help me on this unexpected behavior.


In OutSystems Platform there is no NULL, its equivalent is 0 or 1900-01-01 for dates.
When you say you get 0 sometimes, instead of nullidentifier(), what do you mean: where are you seeing this? While debugging?
I want to adapt a web block using an ID of a static entity (NullIdentifier, Record1, Record2, etc). When i compare it to nullidentifier() it doesn't work. I made a query to the atribute and it is 0, Even tougth I haven't assigned to any record of the static entity table so it should null. Did I make it clear? Thanks.
Can you attach an example of your description?

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Now i understand the problem. The thing hapens when doing an advance query with an input parameter in the where clause. When the input parameter is nullidentifier() the query doesn't work. If I use an aggregate with the same parameter and used the same way in the filter (equivalent to the where clause) the query works fine. Don't know how to do the same query in advance query. Can any one help me?
Are you using a query parameter in the SQL and passing nullidentifier() as argument?
What exactly do you have in your SQL for that where clause?