[Twproject Gantt] How would I use this in the Field Services App

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Published on 2015-01-07 by Carlos Correia
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Published on 2015-01-07 by Carlos Correia

As the planner I want to see all the tasks that needs to be scheduled on the Gantt.
I'm a bit stuck to see how I can paas the week or months data to the Gantt and get feedback back to update the records that was changed.

Any suggestion of examples of such a use?

Hi Andre,

I apologize for answering you so late.
You can import data for Gantt through a txt file in json format like the example below:
{"tasks":[{"id":1,"name":"New Task","progress":0,"description":"","level":0,"status":"STATUS_ACTIVE","depends":"","canWrite":true,"start":1420761600000,"duration":10,"end":1421971199999,"startIsMilestone":true,"endIsMilestone":true,"collapsed":false,"assigs":[],"Code":"2","hasChild":true},{"id":2,"name":"","progress":0,"description":"","level":1,"status":"STATUS_ACTIVE","depends":"","canWrite":true,"start":1420761600000,"duration":1,"end":1420847999999,"startIsMilestone":false,"endIsMilestone":false,"collapsed":false,"assigs":[],"Code":"","hasChild":false},{"id":3,"name":"","progress":0,"description":"","level":1,"status":"STATUS_ACTIVE","depends":"2","canWrite":true,"start":1421020800000,"duration":5,"end":1421452799999,"startIsMilestone":false,"endIsMilestone":false,"collapsed":false,"assigs":[],"Code":"","hasChild":false},{"id":5,"name":"Task 5","progress":0,"description":"","level":1,"status":"STATUS_ACTIVE","depends":"","canWrite":true,"start":1420761600000,"duration":1,"end":1420847999999,"startIsMilestone":false,"endIsMilestone":false,"collapsed":false,"assigs":[],"Code":"","hasChild":false}],"selectedRow":0,"deletedTaskIds":[],"canWrite":true,"canWriteOnParent":true,"splitterPosition":60,"zoom":"m"}

After that you can add, edit remove tasks from Gantt and export the data for a txt file in Json format.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Good Morning,

I need help please, 

I can not create a task inside the TwProjectGantt, because the button "save" don't work.

Anybody can help me?


Hi Diogo, 

What is the behaviour? Can you share the Outsystems code? 



Good Morning Pedro,

As I said earlier, I want to create tasks from the Gantt chart and I can not do it, the save button does not work.
In the attachment I show the Gantt weblock printscreens and the Save button actions. And in my module I show the printscreen of Action that causes me to be able to show the gant in my application.

I use the TwProjectGantt widget as a reference.

My module:

TwProjectGantt widget:

Please let me know if you need further assistance.